Censorship of the lambs: “Incredibles 2”

Where would children’s fiction be without cannibalism? Think of Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Robber Bridegroom, and even Snow White. Charles Perraut, called the founder of fairy tales, seems to have only had four stories that did NOT involve some sort of story about humans being eaten, by humans or at least by anthropomorphic monsters.

Image result for snow white queen the heart
Yeah, wasn’t just a souvenir

What reminded me of all this was this wonderful article from The Onion, entitled:

‘Incredibles 2’ Forced To Take Out Grisly Cannibalism Scene In Order To Secure PG Rating

There is a link to it in the box above this – well worth a read. Remember that The Onion is a satirical magazine…

But it inspired me to check the preview clips. They have some work to do for this movie – it’s 14 years since the original, so the kids who waited patiently for the sequel have grown up and gone on to adult pursuits like Game of Thrones (also full of cannibalism). Perhaps they have had kids, and will take them to see it.

Here’s the clip. Watch Baby Jack-Jack turn into a demonic cannibal when refused cookies.

Sometimes, parenting can be difficult.

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