Dawkins won’t eat it, but can’t say why…

OK, this is a film and TV blog, but Richard Dawkins is always show biz, so let’s consider him briefly. He’s just posted a new Tweet in response to an article about the booming market for real meat, but grown in a laboratory instead of being cut from a living, sentient animal.

The Christians aren’t buying it, saying that we can’t eat people because people are made “in the image of God” (whatever that means).

But if you are not a believer in immortality and the sacred soul, then why should it be OK to eat an animal that wanted to live, but not to eat a dead human (who didn’t care) or a lump of flesh grown painlessly in the lab from any species? Richard Dawkins can’t say.

Interested in hearing your feedback. The comments on the Twitter page range from the sublime to the ridiculous.  What do you think?

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